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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Greetings my faithful followers!

I want to talk to you about keeping your kitties, especially your black kitties in your houses the next week or so.  This is an updated post from my one from last year but it bears repeating. 

As clever and talented as I am, I don't have an opposable thumb and do need a little help with typing. In other words, I have to rely on my mommy, Regan Taylor, to input my profound observations. She's been really busy lately with her day job and her writing Traveling Bride but even humans need to take a break and relax now and again and what better way than to take my dictation? But she understood how important this is to me and to your kitties too.

My favorite holiday is coming up on October 31. Okay, granted I'm only almost three years old, but I know my holidays. It's also my brother, Bogie's birthday. Much cause for celebration. Samhain is the celebration of our new year. All this month the veil has been thinning and on the night of the 31st it is at its thinnest and all kinds of wonderful things, magical things can happen.

Historically, however, there are people who don't understand what a special day it is for us and our families. Even today there are people who hurt us this time of year just because we are black cats. (You may have noticed I'm a black cat). I'm being nice here but there are people who hurt black cats this time of year and especially on Samhain or what some of you call Halloween. They think there is bad magic about us or that they need to hurt us to have their own magic. That is simply not true. We're cats, just cats like those with orange or gray or multiple colored furs. Our fur just happens to be black.

My brother Bogie is also a black cat and we are very happy our mommy protects us from bad people. Granted, she could be a little nicer and have a whipped cream fountain continually providing us with our favorite treat all day every day but otherwise, she's pretty good to us. 

Our local humane society refuses to let people adopt black cats in October so they can protect us from bad people. If you have a black cat, keep him or her in the next two weeks. Please keep them warm and safe and don't let them out.

Oh! brother Mel who is a fluffy white persian says that sometimes mean people pick on white cats too this time of year so if you have a white one you should keep them inside too.

Like people we can't help what we look like. We don't get to pick what color our fur is going to be. We come into the world and just like you we want to be loved. The color of our fur doesn't make us good or evil anymore than the color of a human's hair makes them good or bad. So if you see a black cat this Halloween smile and say hello. Then, if you don't have a kitty, maybe think about how happy your life could be with one.

Something else to think about as we get closer to the holidays (my mommy told us about this) is that there are senior citizens on limited incomes who have pets but can't afford all the good treats and things that are out there for kitties. Sometimes they don't have the best food for their kitties. A simple donation of a few cans of food or a bag of wet food to your local shelter will go a long way to helping someone who loves their kitty (or dog or rabbit or other animal) this holiday season.

Well, it's time for my mommy to get on with her edits and me to pick up my scepter and getting back to ruling the universe.

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