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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A guest post from one of my loyal subject -- Miss Sibley Sue

I've been very busy this week. With the drama queen leaving I've had to rearrange my toys and make sure the boys, Mel and Bogie, understand that part of the universe I rule includes the now vacant room. Well vacant except for some of my toys. So, my friend Miss Sibley Sue has offered to fill in for me.  She is the star of her mommy Ann Tracy Marr's book To His Mistress (but it should have been Miss Sibley’s Triumph.
Right now, I’m out to garner some sympathy -- I need it. Last Monday morning I was in a fight and got bitten five times. Yes! FIVE times! Once in the back, once in the side, and a whole bunch in my leg, as if I am a stupid chicken. My mommy made me go to the vet, who mauled me further and heaped insult on injury by giving me a shot of long term antibiotic. I am thinking of adding a vet to the next novel -- one patterned after Dr. Kevorkian and I know my fellow felines will support me on that score.
Please feel sorry for me until I am up and jumping again.
Remember -- I may be bloody, but I am unbeaten. Possibly because cats rule, but more likely because I am so sweet.

Yours in celebration of Fancy Feast, the great comforter,
Miss Sibley Sue 


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