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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kitty as Governess.

Hello again! I've had a very busy week, but never too busy for my fellow felines.

I recently received an email from Miss Sibbie Sue Sibley. I have it on good authority she is the be-all and end-all for Ann Tracy Marr. I heard my mommy talking and Ann Tracy is going on this blog tour with my mom--I'm still trying to figure out how you go on a tour without leaving the house but works for me if mom is home.

Sibbie Sue asked me why are I am a limb of Satan? She says she angelic, sweet, and totally loveable, as a cat should be. If you don't watch your image, those dogs (like Kelley Heckert's) will think they rule the world. Yes, we are infinitely superior to the canine species. And no, they should not rule.
Well here's the story. I didn't get to be Empress of the Universe by being totally sweet and cuddly all the time. You see, my brother, Mel, was here before me and HE wanted to be the alpha kitty. Can you imagine that? I knew from the start that was going to be MY place. I even stare down my vet!

As to Satan, well my mommy has a book coming out soon, Devil's Details and in you'll see whole other side of him. It was Mel, aka the Delicious Mellow-icious, who first came up with the idea that someone as....assertive as me...was naughty. And you know the phrase about someone being Devilish and it means they're fun? Well that's me!

Sibbie Sue also told me her writing debut as a governess was as a governess in one of Ann's books. I like the kind she is, kind and all-knowing, with perhaps a hint of magic -- though she had to pretend to be human.

I heard you can learn more about your mom, Ann and some of her friends on that tour my mom is going on.!/group.php?gid=56438417580.

Oh! and if you want to see my brother Mel....

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