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Monday, August 29, 2011

Question from Kelley Heckert's Two Dogs

Hi Kelley! 

<<I love your new blog>>

Thank you. For a long time now I've thought I needed a forum to share my vast wisdom. As many know, cats are very clever and smart and all knowing. If the world lived more like us we think it would be a happier place. What's to find wrong with napping, eating, stretching and watching life go by?

<<What a beautiful cat. >>

Thank you!

So, Kelley, your dogs asked:

Is it true that cats think they are better and smarter than dogs.

Well to be honest, we KNOW we are smarter!  We know the best foods, best places to sleep, and we're very good at ignorning humans when they say that "no" word. We never take no for an answer!

But better. No. Not really. We believe that animals, all animals and especially companion animals make the world go round. They -- we -- add so much to humans' lives. Just think how much your two dogs have given to you and how little they ask in return. I don't know them, but I have a feeling your life would be pretty empty without them and they make your life better every day. Anyone with any kind of animal should know how much better their lives are to have them.

So we are paws down smarter, but not better.

And Kelley, my mom told me that you are a Celtic romance author who tells Timeless tales of romance, conflict & magic and if people want to know more about you they should go to

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