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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Meet the Awesomest Maine Coon! Diesel! And See What He has to Say About Read Humane and Rescue Kitties!

Meow! And Maine Coon chirps to you Diesel!

I’m so purrrrrrrrrrrrrrfectly excited to Diesel from Miranda James Cat in the Stacks series here to talk with me this week about that super project Read Humane!  Diesel, my mom told me that have your own great story about how you started life out as a rescue and Charlie Harris adopted you. Can you tell people new to Miranda James a little how that happened?

D: Nice to chat with you, Missy! Well, my memory of the details is really fuzzy because I was only a kitten at the time. Not more than about six weeks old, I think, or at least that’s what I’ve heard Charlie tell. I remember that it was cold, I was wet and very, very hungry, and I was hiding in some bushes at the library where Charlie and I go on Fridays now. Charlie must have heard me crying because he found me, dried me off, and took me to see the cat doctor. That’s about all I remember.

I also heard that you walk around town with your human on a leash.  I think that’s such a purrrfect way to let us kitties get out and about but not end up in dangerous situations like dodging cars and that. Do you have any advice for readers who have kitty companions how to make that easier?

D: Yes, Charlie does take me with him on a leash. Charlie is my best friend ever, and he likes me to be with him most of the time. From the beginning, after I got used to wearing a collar, he showed me a harness and a leash and explained what they were for. I wasn’t thrilled with them at first, but if I didn’t wear them, I couldn’t go with Charlie. So I got used to them pretty quick, and now I don’t mind them. Besides, I think I look even more handsome in my halter.

Is it true that Maine Coons can be pretty big cats?

D: We sure are! I don’t know any other Maine Coons actually – I think I’m the only one in Athena -- but I’ve heard Charlie and some of the other people, like Laura and Sean and Helen Louise, talk about me and my kind. Evidently I’m much bigger than most Maine Coons. My mama and daddy must have been pretty big too, but I don’t remember them at all. Last time I went to see my cat doctor she said I weighed thirty-seven pounds, whatever that means.

But that doesn’t mean you are any less of a pussy cat and a great pet and companion, right?

D: My whiskers, no! I may be big, but there’s just more of me to cuddle with.

Being how brave you are, were you scared before you were rescued?

D: I sure was. Like I said, I don’t really remember what came before, but I know that, huddling under that bush, I was desperately cold and hungry and wanted someone to help me.

Penguin Books is doing this really great event called Read Humane. What did you think when you were asked to be part of this wonderful endeavor?

D: I thought it was a terrific idea! I was so lucky that a wonderful human found me and took me in and gave me such a loving home. I wish all kitties and doggies could be as lucky as I am. People ought to take better care of us. We’re pretty smart, but we can’t do everything!

What do you think people should know most about rescue animals?

D: They should know that we will be grateful for a safe and loving home. We may need some time to adjust, depending on what we had to go through before we were rescued, but give us a forever home, and you won’t regret it!

What advice in general would you give to someone who is looking to adopt a rescue animal?

D: Think carefully about the consequences of having a pet as a member of the family. It takes money to feed and provide medical care for a pet, and some pets can live a long time. If you have children, you need to make sure that the rescue animal is one who is used to children or that can adapt quickly.  If your children are small, you should realize that we may not be happy with small hands pulling and pinching and trying to carry us and feed us stuff, imaginary or real.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

D: Be nice to us guys with four legs. We’ll repay you the best we can.

Thanks so much coming by and spreading the word about adopting rescue animals and Read Humane!


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mary kennedy said...

Diesel, I couldn't have said it better!! I have 8 rescue cats who love living here. I'm looking forward to your latest adventures with Charlie. You guys get around!