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Monday, February 18, 2013

MEOW MEOW MAGGIE AND LARRY!!!!!! (and a fun contest!)

Meow, Meow and purrs to Maggie and Larry!  What a time you two have had!  Glad you could take a moment from your adventures to come and share a bowl of milk and some lovely catnip cookies with me!  My mom told me all about you when she was reading your author, Molly MacRae’s LAST WOOL AND TESTAMENT. She also told me Larry is having a contest for Molly MacRae's newest book DYING WISHES due out in July! 

Maggie: Meow Miss Missy! Thank you for having us here. This is very exciting. Larry might be a kind of quiet, though. He’s still recovering from his ordeals, poor old guy, and he spends an awful lot of time sleeping. Purr, purr. 

Larry: Mrrrph.

I have to say you two must be some of the luckiest kitties ever living with all that wonderful yarn!  Never ending toys!  What is your favorite color?

Maggie: Well, my favorite color is the same beautiful deep indigo blue that my dear Ivy loved. But even though we are cats, we do have some rules. We must be very good and not bat at balls of yarn when customers are trying to decide which ones to buy. And sitting on rolls of unspun roving is also a no-no. But helping to display the yarns by looking beautiful next to them in the shop window is an honor. And let me tell you - CASHMERE! OMG! 

Larry: Mrrph, purrrr, snore.

Maggie, you are part of a mystery within the mystery.  Without giving away one of the most exciting parts of the story, what was it like for you to BE one of the mysteries Kath solves?

Maggie: Now that it’s all over, I can see that it was absolutely THRILLING! I had to keep my wits about me like a kitty ninja - ready to hiss and scratch, leap and bite. I was so brave! But you’re under the impression Kath solved the mystery? You know, I’ve never really thought much of her.

Were you worried at any point things might not turn out purrrfectly well?

Maggie: If I’d known Kath was involved I would have been TERRIFIED. You know, I’ve never really thought much of her. Did I already say that?

What did you think when your author, Molly MacRae introduced Larry the orange kitty to Kath?

Maggie: Good luck with that, Larry.

Will you be helping Kath solve any future crimes?

Maggie: She’s going to need all the help she can get.

Larry, what do you think of your name?  Are you REALLY a Larry like Geneva thinks?

Larry: I’ll tell you a secret. I’m patient.

Most people envision a cat’s life as being really pretty easy. What’s your take on this? 

Larry: Short answer: YEOW!!! Long answer: The ease of a cat’s life is entirely dependent on circumstances, skill, and luck. If you are abandoned, if you are driven out, these are circumstances that are hard to overcome. But if you have the skill to find a kinder situation and to move in and become one with that kindness, then luck goes with you my friend and that is a great blessing.

Larry this is something you would definitely have your paw on.  What is the most important thing a human should know about adopting a cat?

Larry: I think this ancient cat haiku says it best - 

Offer a warm lap.
Cats bestowing purrs and love
And fur will find you.

Maggie, what is the most glamorous thing you’ve done as the star of a novel? 

Maggie: Being IN the book – in the whole series! I never dreamed such an exciting thing could happen. Of course, it makes sense, because I am beautiful and brave and intelligent.

Which great human detective would you both like to meet and solve a crime with? 

Maggie: Jane Marple. She knits and she’s very clever.

Larry: Columbo. He probably wouldn’t mind if I slept on his raincoat.

Looking over the past year, what has been the best moment for you in your sleuthing careers?

Maggie: The purrrrr satisfaction of finding the solution. 

Larry: Finding a new home.

Molly and Kath have gotten the big call, a Hollywood producer is going to bring your series to the big screen.  Who do you want to speak your parts for you?  You know, to share your thoughts as you solve each new crime?

Maggie: Meryl Streep. She’s amazing! She can do anybody and I loved her in Mama Mia.

Larry: Ed Asner

What are you working on now? Can you tell us a little about it?

Maggie: Larry’s working on another nap.

Larry: I am not. Well, yes I am, but in the next book, Dyeing Wishes, I’m also working on clues for finding Granny’s secret dye journals. In my own quiet way.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Maggie: Yes! Larry and I have an idea for a contest.

Larry: Write an original cat haiku and put it in a comment on our interview.

Maggie: And we’ll read them and pick our favorite and get Molly to send the person who wrote it a copy of our book with our paw prints!

Larry: Purrr, we love cat haikus.

Thank you for taking some time with me today! 

Maggie: You’re very kind to have us. If you’re ever in Blue Plum, please come see us. 

Larry: Thank you for the catnip cookies and milk. They were purrrrrfect. 

To enter Larry and Maggies contest, leave your entry below and leave your email or email my mom, Regan, directly at  We're going to run our contest till next Tuesday, February 26!


Anonymous said...

great interview and contest thanks

Rachelle21 said...

Another great interview. I wish I were a poet and my three cats will not talk to me. The youngest will not even meow, she squeeks!

justforfun said...

Cat's eyes like gemstones
Follow me to the kitchen.
Pungent! Delicious!

Molly MacRae said...

Wonderful haiku, justforfun! Many purrs and muchos gatos to you!

Val Rogalla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Val Rogalla said...

Here are a couple attempts:

Spouses entry:
Claws sharp on my back
But one soft purr to my cheek
Forgives all blood shed.

My entry:
Empty food bowl mocks
Litter box over topped
Very bad servant

Molly MacRae said...

Love them both, Val! But how about an entry from Bruce or Inspector Upstart?

Val Rogalla said...

Ok, gave the boys your request and here is what they came up with for entries -

Inspector Upstart’s contribution

Hissing, scratching, DUCK!
Stay away, stay away NOW!
Beware the feline!

Bruce’s (translated from his brogue)

Fluff, purr, four legs and a hiss
Sits stares at my face.

Molly MacRae said...

Hoot, mon! Brrrruce, yer fu' o'havers. Inspector Upstart, sir! Good show.

TDiamond said...

Meows are deafening
Loud, stomping,
All three come running
"It's kitty treat time"
Mommy is calling.

Hope that's right, haven't written a haiku since it was a kid.

Molly MacRae said...

Posted for Uma Basole:

Cat steals fresh fish
From the best, meanest, monger
Run kitty, quickly!

Anonymous said...

Cat steals fresh fish
From the best, meanest, monger
Run kitty, quickly!

By Uma Basole